Sacksteder’s Christmas Tree Decoration Packages

Sacksteder’s offers custom Christmas Tree Decorating Ornament Packages with a selection of Holiday themes. Each Package is designed with high quality ornaments, greenery and floral stems.

Adorn your tree with stunning Christmas ornament sets that suit your style and theme for 2021. Sacksteder’s Interiors offers ornament sets in a variety of colors and designs to help you create a picture-perfect tree display.

Platinum Pearl

White, Green, & Red

Green & White

Wine & Gold



Red & White

White & Gold

Tree Package Suggestions

To identify the right number of ornaments for Christmas trees, you must consider your tree’s height and your ideal coverage.

You may want a minimalist look with fewer ornaments or a grand display with more layers of accents.

Here are our recommendations to help you determine the number of ornament sets that you need:

  • For 7.5-foot trees, you need 1 tree package.
  • 2 tree packages for heavier coverage or additional pieces to decorate your mantle,staircase or perhaps a wreath.
  • For 9- to 10-foot trees, you will need 3 depending on coverage desired.

The size and shape of your tree will determine how many packages you would be interested in purchasing. Full trees require more than narrow ones, especially if you want a heavier coverage.

Decorating for Christmas Trees
  • Place ribbons or garlands on your tree before hanging ornaments.
  • Start with your most basic ornaments or the design with the highest number of pieces. Hang them evenly around your tree to lay the foundation for other decorations.
  • Add the rest of your ornaments. Make sure to leave enough space between decorations of the same style. Fill in any empty areas around your tree.

Sacksteder’s Interiors custom designed Christmas Tree Packages to create a special and unique tree ~ make your Christmas tree stand out with custom quality Christmas decorations.

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From all of us at Sacksteder’s, we wish you a blessed and merry Holiday Season!

-Karen Sacksteder