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With Sacksteder’s Guidance, You Can Decorate Your Tree Like a Professional!

Sacksteder’s Interiors offers full service Holiday Decorating with Holiday Decor in our showrooms to use to make your tree what you want it to be!
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Steps to Decorate Artificial Trees:
  1. Fluff your tree with the lights turned on. Make any adjustments to fill gaps where lights need to be.
  2. Put on your tree topper.
  3. Put on your ribbon from top to bottom if you are using mesh ribbon. Pinch a small piece of the end of the tree over the ribbon to secure in place. Spread out the mesh ribbon to let your tree lights shine through.
  4. Put on your larger ornaments first – balanced distribution.
  5. Put on your smaller ornaments.
  6. Spread your colors and shapes evenly throughout your tree.
  7. Step back to look at your tree and make any adjustments.

Add a unique tree skirt and you are all set!
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